Non-wood joints, ego and consciousness

Dear Golem,

We discovered that a lot of friends are looking for non-wood joints. For this reason we made a small video to help you:
- Understand mushrooms and joints
- Increase counsciousness and boost your ego
- Explain human behaviour
- Become without boundaries
- Share power, prevent conflicts, war
- Understand our friends at the bottom of this post
- Create your own empowering beliefs

For these reasons you also need the video T-shirt (or other golem stuff) to show you understand and support the movement. Send these T-shirts to golems that have too much power or are too greedy/ uncounscious. For example to yourself, your boss, your ex-husband, your brother, neighbour, mr. Trump, mr. Putin etc.:
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and for all these reasons we introduce your most important friends because this trip is longer than 5 minutes:
- The world as will and Idea, Schopenhauer
- The psychology of CG Jung, easy to read book from C.G. Jung apprentice, Dr Jolan Jacobi
- Carl Gustav Jung, Man and his Symbols
- Anthony Robbins
- PathWork, Eva Pierrakos
- Alan Watts : "The only kind of control you do understand is the one over which you do not have control."
- How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking, Edgar Tolle
- Sadhguru: "I'm stoned in such a way that I haven't lost my judgement at all. And at the same time, whichever way you judge me, has absolutely no impact on me because I'm completely stoned."
- Sadhguru: "You are the universe"
- The Golem view explained (from video above) prevent conflicts, Edgar Tolle

Listen to this Alan Watts must listen

And do not forget to do your incantations: Iron Mike incantation
and finally, accept that it is ok to have the powerful ego's push the red button: Alan Watts, No need for golemism ?
Boost your ego/ follow the leader if that is your true nature, follow these rules for maximum power
Finally, have faith, let go of all power, You are the Brahman, Alan Watts
Golem Seagull love T-shirt, share power